The DeFi Report Releases The Ethereum Network's Q1 Earnings Results

And we moved off Substack!

April 17, 2024Michael Nadeau
The DeFi Report Releases The Ethereum Network's Q1 Earnings Results

Hello readers,

I’m excited to share the Q1 issue of The Ethereum Investment Framework with you today, but first a little housekeeping:

  1. We moved off of Substack! After a great run, we decided to move to a new home for our next growth phase. Nothing changes on your end except that I’m sure you’ll notice a new design format in your inbox today 🙂 

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Ok. Back to business.

7 key insights from the Q1-24 issue of The Ethereum Investment Framework
  1. Non-zero wallet addresses (proxy for users) on Ethereum are now over 118 million (up 22% in Q1)

  2. Fee revenue was up 155% year-over-year and 80% over Q4. The primary driver was DeFi.

  3. In terms of token economics, the network’s average daily issuance in Q1 was 2,498 ETH. This was offset by an average of 3,665 ETH burned/day resulting in deflation of -.09% for the quarter (annualized to -.38%).

  4. Base is beginning to emerge as the strongest L2 in the Ethereum ecosystem.

  5. Developer activity was down significantly in Q1.

  6. ETH available on exchanges is at its lowest level since 2016.

  7. ETH in smart contracts is at its highest level ever.

Download the Q1 issue of The Ethereum Investment Framework.

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Shout out to our friends at Artemis Analytics for providing the model + data!

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