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Our Thesis: Open Data Networks (public blockchains) + Autonomous Compute (smart contracts) + User Controlled Data (user value) = New Internet Native Business Models — i.e. Web3.The DeFi Report is an advisory service and educational newsletter covering DeFi and web3 business models. Our research includes a broad exploration of the web3 tech stack and a deep analysis of where the most value could accrue.Readers of The DeFi Report include:
- Family Offices
- HNWs
- Hedge Funds
- VC Firms
- Asset Managers
- Crypto-Curious Investors
- Web3 Natives
- Everyday folks looking for easy-to-follow frameworks and mental models for DeFi and web3
We provide bespoke research and strategic advisory services for web3 start-ups and investment firms. To learn more, contact us directly: michael@thedefireport.io

About Michael Nadeau:
- 12 Years in Traditional Finance: Family Office, Boston Properties, MIT Investment Management Company
- 5 Years Researching, Investing, and Writing about Crypto and Digital Assets- Former Director of Ecosystem Strategy at the intersection of digital assets and private markets- Advisor to Web3 Start-Ups, Family Offices, HNWs, Hedge Funds, Asset Managers, VCs- Board Member — Blockchain Chamber of Commerce- Guest Lecturer — UConn Business School- Guest Writer — CoinDesk & Cointelegraph

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We provide bespoke research & strategic advisory services for Web3 start-ups and investment firms.Reach me directly at michael@thedefireport.io.Click the LinkedIn icon to connect with me on social media for additional insights.

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